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Smile Makeover – East Hartford, CT

Dramatically Transform Your Teeth

Woman with beautiful teeth after smile makeover in East Hartford

Do aesthetic imperfections in your teeth make you cringe when you smile at yourself in the mirror? Countless individuals dislike the size, color, or shape of their teeth. In many cases, cosmetic issues are even related to significant oral health problems, such as missing teeth or gum disease. What can you do to transform your smile and improve your mouth’s overall wellness? Come visit us to discuss our smile makeover service. We will design a plan to help you love the way your teeth feel and look.


Do I Need a Smile Makeover?

Woman hiding smile, in need of smile makeover

Before you can determine whether you need a smile makeover, you should understand what this service is. Rather than being a specific dental treatment, it is a treatment plan that is tailored to your unique needs. Its goal is to correct everything you dislike about the way your teeth look. It is generally well-suited for patients who have complex or multiple dental issues that affect their smile’s appearance.

Some of the problems that a smile makeover is often able to correct include:

Which Dental Services Are Part of a Smile Makeover?

Porcelain veneers, which are commonly part of smile makeovers

A smile makeover may include both cosmetic and restorative services. Here are some examples of procedures that could be part of your treatment plan:

The Smile Makeover Process

Dentist making notes on clipboard during smile makeover consultation

First, you must visit our practice for a consultation. Your dentist will use this opportunity to learn about you, your goals, and the state of your oral health. Our team may take some X-rays and photographs of your teeth. Following this initial exam, we will be able to plot out your road map to an improved smile. We will let you know which treatments we recommend, and once we have your final approval, we will get started on your procedures. Depending on the details of your smile makeover, the entire process could take anywhere from a few weeks to several months or longer.

The Lasting Benefits of Smile Makeovers

Man in glasses enjoying benefits of smile makeover

When you undergo a smile makeover, your teeth will become more aesthetically pleasing. However, that is just one of many benefits that you may enjoy. Some other advantages of this service include:

Are you ready to discover what a smile makeover could do for you? Contact Comprehensive Dental Associates of Central Connecticut today.

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