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Dentist – East Hartford, CT

Peter Michaelson, DDS
Delivers Decades of Experience

East Hartford Connecticut dentist Petter Michaelson D D S

Dr. Michaelson’s career in dentistry spans nearly 40 years in total, and he is proud to bring his experience to the wonderful team at Comprehensive Dental Associates of Central Connecticut. To learn more about his background, read the information below.

Why Dr. Michaelson Became a Dentist

Dr. Michaelson’s father was a dentist. Watching his father work, he thought it would be able to improve upon his father’s work and become a greater dentist. What he found, however, was that it was not as simple as he thought! This realization gave him a deeper understanding and appreciation of the hard work his father put in. This allowed them to grow even closer before he passed away. Today, Dr. Michaelson could not imagine working in any other profession.

Dr. Michaelson’s Educational Background

Dr. Michaelson’s educational journey began at Yale, where he earned an undergraduate degree in mathematics. Next, he went on to attend the dental school at the University of Connecticut. He is passionate about furthering his education and has undergone advanced training in a variety of specialized services, including dental implants, dental sleep appliances, root canal therapy, crowns and bridges, and more. His most recent venture into continuing education was with the Spear Institute, which includes online study, on-site courses, and monthly meetings with other Spear Dentists in Connecticut.

Dr. Michaelson’s Life Beyond the Dental Office

Outside of work, Dr. Michaelson loves music; he regularly volunteers at the University of Hartford’s radio station, WWUH 91.3 FM. He occasionally hosts a jazz show there. He also likes to watch movies and travel in his free time. He is passionate about competing in Masters track and field, even participating in the Words Masters Championship in September 2018 in Spain! He loves to accumulate knowledge; he advanced to the second round of tryouts for Jeopardy and hopes to make it onto the show one day.

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