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Metal-Free Restorations – East Hartford, CT

Repair Your Teeth without Adversely Affecting Their Appearance

Handsome, smiling man with metal-free restorations in East Hartford

For many years, dentists used metals like silver amalgam, gold, silver, and even nickel to treat cavities, broken teeth, and other types of dental damage. While these materials are quite strong, there is no doubt that they carry some major drawbacks. For example, many patients dislike the way the color of the metals clashes with the natural color of their dentition. Fortunately, modern restorative and cosmetic dentistry offers an aesthetically pleasing alternative: metal-free restorations. Continue reading this page to learn more about how our team can use them to seamlessly repair damaged teeth.

Why Choose Comprehensive Dental Associates of Central Connecticut for Metal-Free Restorations?

What Are Metal-Free Restorations?

Metal-free crown on fingertip in foreground, dental molds in background

As their name implies, metal-free restorations are bridges, crowns, fillings, inlays, and onlays that contain no metal. Instead, they are constructed out of non-metal materials that can be shade-matched to blend in with the color of the surrounding dentition. For example, metal-free crowns and bridges are often made out of porcelain, while metal-free fillings are composed out of a flexible composite resin. Metal-free restorations can serve all the same purposes as their metal-based counterparts.

How Do Metal-Free Restorations Work?

Relaxed female patient smiling during metal-free restoration appointment

The process for placing metal-free restorations is essentially the same as it is for placing metal restorations. For instance, if you need a crown, your dentist will prepare the tooth, take impressions, and then use those impressions to design your restoration.

One great thing about metal-free crowns is that we do not always have to send the design to a laboratory to get them fabricated. We have an in-house ceramic milling unit that can create gorgeous, custom crowns in just a single appointment.

Why Choose Metal-Free Restorations over Traditional Restorations?

Dental patient using mirror to admire metal-free restorations

Aside from their beautiful, natural appearance, metal-free restorations offer numerous benefits over their metal-based counterparts:

Cost of Metal-Free Restorations

The cost of metal-free restorations is comparable to that of their metal counterparts. Our team will provide you with an estimate for the cost of your treatment when you visit us for your consultation. In many cases, dental insurance is willing to cover at least part of the price of metal-free restorations. We will do everything we can to help you maximize your benefits. If necessary, we can also help you apply for low-interest or no-interest financing through CareCredit.

Would you like to learn more about metal-free restorations and how they may be able to repair your teeth without adversely affecting your smile’s appearance? Contact Comprehensive Dental Associates of Central Connecticut today.

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