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Meet The Dentists – East Hartford, CT

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Our dentists are eager to meet you, but perhaps you would like to learn something about them first. Click on the links below to read bios of each of the doctors at Comprehensive Dental Associates of Central Connecticut. You will discover facts about their backgrounds, their areas of expertise, and perhaps even what they do when they are not looking after the oral health of our precious patients. When you are ready to meet our doctors in person, contact us to schedule an appointment.

East Hartford Connecticut dentist Hal Dym D M D Hal Dym, DMD East Hartford Connecticut dnetist Peter Michaelson D D S Peter Michaelson, DDS East Hartford Connecticut periodontist Steven Melzer D M D Steven Meltzer, DMD East Hartford Connecticut dentist Ledjo Palo D M D Ledjo Palo, DMD East Hartford Connecticut dentist David Moskow D M D David Moskow, DMD East Hartford Connecticut dentist Michelle Abate D M D Michelle Abate, DMD East Hartford Connecticut dentist Matthew Prezioso D M D Matthew Prezioso, DMD
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