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Dental Patient Information - East Hartford, CT

Welcome to Our Family of Satisfied Patients

We look forward to officially welcoming you into our family of satisfied patients. You can prepare for your first appointment by reading the information below. You will learn what to expect at your initial visit, and you will get the facts on how we help our patients afford their treatment. If you have any questions about what you read, or if you are ready to come visit us for care, give us a call. We cannot wait to hear from you!

Your First Visit

When you first step into our dental office, you will receive a warm greeting from a member of our dental office staff. After we make sure that all the necessary paperwork is in order, you will be escorted to a treatment room. You will receive a thorough examination, and you will have the opportunity to discuss your oral health with your dentist. You may also receive a refreshing cleaning. Before you leave, we will ask if you would like to schedule your next visit.

Patient Forms

No one enjoys sitting in a dental office and filling out paperwork; it can be rather tedious and uncomfortable. That is why we have made our forms available right here on our website. You can fill them out whenever it is convenient before your appointment. Submit them online so we can go over them and make sure that everything looks good. Then, we will be able to streamline your care process and make your appointment as efficient as possible.

Patient Registration Form

Dental Insurance

We know that the cost of dental care is a significant concern for many families, which is why we accept payment from virtually all PPO plans. We understand the ins and outs of dental insurance and can help you get the greatest value possible out of your policy. We will also be happy to file insurance claims on your behalf. Comprehensive Dental Associates of Central Connecticut does not participate in health management organizations (HMOs). We accept checks, cash, and credit cards.

Dental Financing

If your insurance does not entirely cover a treatment, or you wish to undergo an elective treatment (such as those that are purely cosmetic in nature), you may find that it is difficult for you to pay upfront for a major service. Fortunately, most patients are eligible to break up the cost of their care into small monthly chunks via financing through CareCredit. Many of CareCredit’s available plans are interest-free, while others have a very reasonable interest rate.

CareCredit logo Apply for CareCredit

Essential Dental Plan

The Essential Dental Plan is an excellent option for patients without insurance to make their dental care more affordable. For just one low annual fee, you will gain access to a variety of completely covered and significantly discounted services, ranging from basic exams and cleanings to much more. Better yet, once you sign up, you will not have to deal with any deductibles, waiting periods, monthly premiums, or annual maximums. To learn more about the plan and sign up today, click on the link below.

Essential Dental Plan logo Sign Up for the Essential Dental Plan